I turned 34 a couple of weeks ago. It was rather lovely 🙂 I’m finding that the only thing that is really bothering me as I age is that time is finite and I keep wondering whether I’m doing what I should be doing right about now and whether there’ll be enough time to do all of the things I might possibly want to do, but I figure that’s a universal problem so… just try to live in present, if it’s not so great what could be better? As Mr Vonnegut said: “If this isn’t nice, what is?”

Summer is here which means going to bed while it’s still light in the sky, and waking up while the sun has been up for ages and the birds are shouting. Which is quite nice because it means getting up early to run is easier, but working while the sun is shining and you could totally walk by the river with an ice cream kind of sucks.

The Great North 10K is on 3rd July, and this will be my third time taking part. The past two years have been overcast, quite cool and a bit drizzly, so fingers crossed we won’t be saddled with sunshine. It’s pretty, but running en masse on tarmac road with the sun beating down is not pleasant. Last year it was slightly warmer so there was a shower trap thing and some local firemen with a hose (which, hey, how often does the chance to be sprayed with a fireman’s hose present itself?), but the sun stayed tucked away.

The GN10K course has long uphill, downhills, flats, and two nasty sharp hills. The final hill was recently named “Slog on the Tyne” in a public vote (my suggestion of “Not Far Now Hill” didn’t get anywhere like 😀 it’s what loads of people say while we’re huffing our way up it), and it is pretty brutal. Training has involved not shying away or walking up hills and trying to push strong over the top to keep going over the crest and beyond to keep the momentum going into the stadium, round the track, and speedy to the finish. I’ve been taking the stairs wherever I can since January and really noticed a difference in the springiness of my calves and strength in my thighs. As long as I keep my posture upright and not lean into the hill, keep my head up, and concentrate on moving up then forwards it seems to work quite nicely. Just a couple of weeks and I’ll get to put it in to practice! 😀